What is a Galaxy Chart?

A Galaxy Chart is a significant advance in data visualization that enables easy and effective presentation of data organized in a hierarchical, element structure. A Galaxy Chart depicts all levels of the hierarchical data in a single chart, clearly illustrating proportions, magnitudes, and relationships among individual data elements. Each element is represented by its own circle and all relationships between circles are illustrated using straight lines. All circles are sized proportionally by area and are arranged in a decreasing, clockwise manner.

Galaxy Charts are different and better than other chart types, such as Pie Charts, because they enable the effective presentation of several levels of data and all element-to-element relationships in a single chart. This unique aspect of Galaxy Charts offers the ability to interpret data in a more meaningful fashion, one that enables insight into what’s really important for making the most informed decisions. Learn more.

supported file type: comma separated (.csv)

Galaxy Chart Examples

Excel Plug-in Description

The Galaxy Charts Excel Plug-in allows you to create Galaxy Charts easier than ever – in Microsoft Excel. Three plug-in editions of varying capability perform all calculations locally on your PC, eliminating the need for sensitive data to be transferred over the internet. Two of the editions enable you to create customizable Galaxy Charts, allowing you to display your data however you desire.

Galaxy Chart Edition Comparison
  • Galaxy Charts
    Website Edition

    The Galaxy Charts Website Edition is free to use and will create a Galaxy Chart with any data that you upload, given that it is properly formatted and saved as a CSV file. It returns the Galaxy Chart as a highresolution PNG image.

  • Galaxy Charts
    Lite Edition

    The Galaxy Charts Lite Edition brings the website edition straight into Microsoft Excel. It adds toolbar buttons, eliminating the need to save your data as a CSV file. It also eliminates uploading your data over the internet by performing all of the calculations locally on your PC.

  • Galaxy Charts
    Professional Edition

    The Galaxy Charts Professional Edition takes the Lite Edition to a whole new level. In addition to non-editable PNG Galaxy Chart images, it adds the ability to export the Galaxy Chart directly into an Excel worksheet as editable objects. From there, you can customize it even further – move circles, change individual circle colors, edit text, etc. This edition will allow you to make a chart look exactly as you intend it.

  • Galaxy Charts

    The Galaxy Charts Software Development Kit (SDK) allows you to integrate Galaxy Charts into your own .NET 4.0 or later software application. Allow your software users to see the data in your software with Galaxy Charts. All functionality of the other editions is available through this SDK, and it can be integrated on a website or application.

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Convinced that there is a story in the data and “a picture is worth a thousand words”, we constantly experiment with improved forms of data visualization. One exciting and ground breaking outcome of these experiments is Galaxy Charts. A product of Technomics’ teamwork and innovation, Galaxy Charts are designed for the visual depiction of virtually any type of quantitative data. We are proud to offer you the ability to convey your data-driven story to any audience -- colleagues, clients, classmates, viewers, readers, etc.

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The Future of Galaxy Charts

In short, and no pun intended, we believe that “the sky’s the limit!” This free version is fully functional, but not without its limitations. We now offer more advanced versions that contain exciting new features such as local calculations and more customizable charts. Although we think we have lots of great ideas for improving Galaxy Charts, we are extremely interested in hearing about and incorporating your innovative ideas. Please enter your email address in the box below to receive the latest news on Galaxy Charts and to be among the first to hear about the advanced versions. We look forward to hearing from you.

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